Kevin M. Contardi

Kevin Contardi didn’t go looking for a construction career.

Construction found him, at the age of 12, doing odd jobs for his family. He’d go on to launch his first construction company when he turned 16. The experience of running Kevin & Company for a decade, while earning both his undergraduate and master degrees, was priceless.

Ready for a change, post graduation he joined Crisak, Inc. as a senior construction manager. He then moved on to Morgan-Keller spending just under two decades as Director of Operations specializing in financial services construction and facilities management. During his 30-year career he has held a role in every aspect of construction. The relationships he’s built along the way have become a vast network of industry experts not only in his Maryland/DC backyard but across the United States.

A chance encounter with the CEO of a mid-size credit union some 10 years ago planted the seed that would set Contardi on a new path. The CEO asked him to look over plans for a new 14,000 square foot corporate office. With an understanding of the credit union’s goals, Contardi reviewed the design build firm’s contract. A few basic recommendations resulted in substantial savings for the credit union. Over the years, the more he learned about the credit union industry, the more he wanted to be involved.

He launched Contardi Consulting because credit unions need someone looking out for their best interest. His sole purpose is to help credit unions ask the right questions so they make the most informed decisions whether it’s selecting the best construction delivery method or managing the facilities process.

The investment in facilities is one of the biggest expenses a credit union will make. In the midst of meetings with brokers, architects, vendors, design-build firms, contractors and more, Kevin Contardi sits on the credit union’s side of the table as their champion. His unique insight of the construction industry ensures the credit union’s needs and goals are met fairly at every stage of the process.


  • Patricia Folk
    Retired President/CEO
    Allegany County Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Miguel Boluda
    PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union
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  • Laura Eacho
    EVP/Chief of Staff
    Educational Systems Federal Credit Union
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